Gorilla Go Wilder Online Slot Rating and reviews

Many of NextGen’s most successful slot games have been followed up by sequels, and some of these games have even been expanded into series. But one of its most popular slot machines, Gorilla Go Wild, has gotten a sequel that is so much better and more rewarding that you won’t be able to find the words to describe it. Gorilla Go Wilder is a slot game developed by NextGen. It has a medium to high level of volatility, but it also has an incredibly high level of potential payouts, with winnings that may go as high as 3,000,000 credits. You would need to deposit the maximum wager for this payoff, but the possible payout of 37,500 times the investment is one that is guaranteed to you even if you play for lower stakes.

Setup Options and a Paytable for the NextGen Version of Gorilla Go Wilder

You can carry the Gorilla Go Wilder slot machine with you everywhere you go, and you can have fun whenever you want, regardless of whether your mobile device runs on the iOS or the Android operating system. The slot works well with both mobile and desktop devices, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues.

When you click the button with the three bars, you’ll see that there are a lot of settings that may be customized to suit your own tastes. To begin, you have to choose a choice between 0 and 100 for the amount of loudness that the background noises have. The autoplay option will then need you to choose the number of automatic spins that you would want to have active, ranging from 0 to 100. The next option is the settings button, which allows you to choose whether the game should show the effects in excellent, better, or best quality, as well as whether the spin button should be located in the center right of the screen or at the bottom right of the screen. The quantity of the wager is the next item for you to settle on before moving on. Because each spin costs 15 coins, and the range of possible values for each coin is from 0.01 to 5 credits, this indicates that you may play with a minimum wager of 0.30 credits all the way up to a maximum stake of 150 credits.

Now, when you click on the info button, you will see the adorable gorilla that serves as your wild. If you get the finest possible combination, you will be awarded 1,500 coins. After that, you’ll become aware of the bonus island, which will serve as your scatter and provide you 2,500 coins for a combination of five of a kind symbols. The next thing you see is a golden coin depicting a gorilla handing you 1,000 coins, while a little monkey hands you 500 coins. You will get 250 coins from the toucan, and the skunk will offer you 150 coins. For 5-of-a-kind combinations, the As and Ks provide you with 100 coins, the Qs and Js award you with 75 coins, and the 10s and 9s award you with 50 coins.

Next-Gen Gorilla Go Wilder Gameplay That’s Packed With Action

Because it is a sequel that has to outdo the first game, the Gorilla Go Wilder slot naturally has a lot more features than the first game had. Therefore, you will first see Gary the gorilla performing the function of a wild symbol. This means that he will replace ordinary symbols, but not the scatter symbol.

Then, you will become aware of the feature known as the random shell respins, which is, in essence, a collecting feature in which you are required to gather shells. You earn one re-spin and a monetary reward for each shell that you collect. After there are no more shells left on the reels or when you have gathered all 15 of them, the bonus round will come to an end. These shell rewards might provide you with up to 250 coins, however that amount is contingent upon the number of times the bonus round has been activated by you.

The next random feature that shows up is called Gary’s gift, and it has the potential to be incredibly useful since it causes the bonus islands feature to begin. During the bonus islands feature, if Gary’s gift randomly occurs again, it will cause the function to be retriggered. The bonus islands are in fact the free spins bonus, which may also be activated in the customary manner by getting between three and five scatter symbols. You have the ability to activate one of eight different kinds of free spins, each of which will unlock a new island if you have successfully triggered it. The islands include a sunset beach, a volcano, a scary jungle, a purple jungle, a green jungle, a crystal cave, a waterfall, and a green jungle with a tiki bar. Each of these has the potential to award you with ten free spins that are packed with a variety of different special features. These features include: expanding wilds; stacked symbols; hidden wilds; mystery symbols; expanding wilds; a power paytable that awards winning combinations with up to 1,500 times the amount wagered; wandering wilds; a power paytable; expanding wilds; hidden wilds; expanding wilds that can deliver the 200 paylines; and mystery symbols.

The Final Verdict and Other Options for Gorilla Go Wilder

It should come as no surprise that the online slot game Gorilla Go Wilder is an absolute must-play. There are a plethora of unique bonus features available, each of which provides something of greater value than the last, and there are even random features that have the potential to pleasantly surprise you on any paid spin. In addition, in our prior assessments, we have repeatedly suggested that high-rollers play Gorilla Go Wilder since it has the potential to pay out 37,500 times the player’s initial wager. The slot machine is definitely something special, as it provides a reward that cannot be compared to the possible prizes that are available in other slots produced by NextGen.

Giant Gems is an additional slot machine that has the potential to pay out prizes that are somewhat less than those offered by this one but are still in the multi-million dollar range. It is a slot machine that has an extra stake in addition to the usual one that enables huge gems to appear on the reels. These giant gems may ultimately lead you to prizes of up to 2.5 million credits if you play long enough.

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